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Retired U.S. Army Officer, former elementary, middle and high school principal, currently serving as a public school superintendent.

Real change, not “better sameness” #edreform #edchat

A few days ago my friend Dave Murray, writer for The Grand Rapids Press and (no, I’m not kidding, I consider Dave a friend even when we disagree on issues, which is quite often) reported on Michigan’s plan to … Continue reading

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Inequity of opportunity – free e-book!

A compilation of my recent blog posts from Rebel 6 Ramblings: Inequity of Opportunity

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The opportunity to learn — for ALL children

I’ve been writing lately about the abhorrant inequity of opportunity for our kids and the growing equity gap between schools serving wealthier communities and those mired in poor neighborhoods. While the reasons for this are complex, it persists because of … Continue reading

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Leading out loud to end inequity of opportunity

If Popeye the Sailor was a school superintendent in an impoverished district, his mantra would likely be, “I’ve had all I can stand, and I can’t stands no more!” Unfortunately, there’s no magical can of spinach that will help me or any of my … Continue reading

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Is your school board leading when it comes to technology? #edtech #edleader

In her blog post Why School Boards Should Focus on Education Technology, Ann Flynn, Director of Education Technology and State Association Services for NSBA, writes a compelling argument as to why school boards should take a more serious look at … Continue reading

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Sir Ken Robinson: Rate of change is going to accelerate, not decrease… #edleader

Sir Ken provided the closing keynote at TEDxLondon.

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Stop the testing madness and focus on what the Finns have already proven works!

Let’s face it, profit drives America. It’s what a society based on the merits of capitalism is all about. As such, here’s a truism we continue (and likely will continue) to ignore: There’s no profit in fixing poverty and inequality, … Continue reading

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Strengthening district and school leadership with social media tools

There are two excellent books our right now that every district leader should read. The first to hit the shelves was Communicating and Connecting with Social Media by William M. Ferriter, Jason T. Ramsden, and Eric Sheninger. They suggest that … Continue reading

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If you could send one message to your super…? #edleader #edchat

The 2011 year was certainly exciting in both school reform and technology integration, but as the saying goes, "We ain’t seen nothin’ yet!" With 2012 just a few days away, what is one important message you’d really like your K-12 … Continue reading

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Time to bridge the divide between curriculum and technology

Is it time to break down the barriers between your district’s curriculum specialists and technology folks? Effective technology integration in day-to-day learning would seem to require the two departments working in tandem, to not only increase student achievement but also … Continue reading

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